Our Services

Our Service :

  1. Providing high quality and Performance Heavy Equipment

We supply several types of equipment needed customers with world-class brand with high quality, both brand new and used other units with good quality and maintenance.

  1. Providing Good After Sales Service (high skilled technician, Workshop  & sparepart warehouse)

We support units are rented by service personnel qualified and experienced in heavy equipment. has workshops and other support facility as well as providing spare parts support, because we are part of a well-known dealer of heavy equipment in Indonesia that you can be contacted 24 hours.

  1. Providing transport for Heavy Equipment

We also have to transport heavy equipment that can support the speed of delivery units of heavy equipment is needed with good service, safety and on-time.

  1. Providing Special Training for Maintenance and Operation

To support customer operations, we will also provide continuous training for operators and mechanics customer, that customer operation running smoothly without any extra charge. (including the provision of training in Jobsite customer).